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About Wines Of The World

Wines Of The World was started in 2008 to import and distribute the finest international wines to the United States. Based in sunny California, we have our fingers on the pulse of the wine world and strive to secure the best values around with the finest quality for our customers.

Wines of the World has the unique ability to sell wines and Champagne to the consumer at wholesale prices. As ever, we are always thinking of our customers and their changing needs, which is why we can find any type of wine you need.

Take note of this – it’s important. You’re not just limited to our own selection of wines. If you need a particular brand of wine or Champagne, we will find it for you, quickly, efficiently and for the best price.

There are always new bottles arriving, so keep your eyes peeled for the best deals!


We often get very limited quantities and when they are gone, they’re gone! So don’t get left out of the loop. We’re glad you’re here.


Welcome to Wines Of The World, and cheers!

Wines of the World is a proud member of the Confrerie du Sabre d'Or US Embassy

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