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Red Wines

Red Wine

Red wine is a type of wine with a characteristic red color produced from black or dark-skinned grape varieties (varietals). Typically, red wine colors tend to vary with age, for instance young wines are intense violet while mature wines are brick red, and older red wines are brown. Young red wines contain greater tannin (health benefits come from tannin) levels than any other type of wine.


Chateau De Fesles Bonnezeaux - 2011


Chateau Agassac Haut Medoc - 2010


Domaine Joseph Drouhin Givry - 2015


Chateau D'Abzac, Reserve - 2014

Rich and robust – a red to impress!


A rich Bordeaux from the beautiful, historic bordelaise chateau. With a classic nose of cassis, smoke, earth, and dried roses and a smooth, spicy palate of restrained fruit and firm tannins, this elegant wine will effortlessly grace your table. This may just be your go-to red for all of your entertaining needs.

An elegant, red Bordeaux that will compliment fine cuisine and impress your guests with its flair and finesse.


Les Tours D'Abzac, Bordeaux -2015

This red Bordeaux will linger in your mind….


The award-winning vineyards of Les Tours d’Abzac have produced this light, attractive Bordeaux. With a perfumed nose of blackberries and cherries with a hint of red roses, and a soft supple palate, this exclusive wine is well-rounded and easy to drink.


A fresh, delicious Bordeaux that’s light, tasty and easy to drink.


Domaine Lavau Chateauneuf-du-Pape - 2014

The choice of popes, royalty, and you!


This famous wine was actually made expressly for a pope centuries ago. Today it’s the choice of those who enjoy a fine, powerful, structured red wine with ripe flavors of plum, blueberry, crushed black pepper, and violets. This IS a wine to write home about. Discover it now!


Nothing is more impressive (and tasty!) than a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape!


Chateau La Croix du Bailli - 2014


This red will make you fall in love again…


This classic Bordeaux reminds us of why we love Bordeaux. With a complex nose of ripe plums, cassis, and blackberries, baking spices, cold chimney and wilted roses, and a delicious palate of juicy fruit and elegant tannins, the Chateaux La Croix Du Bailli is a beauty. An incredible value, this impressive wine will stand out at any gathering.


This classic red Bordeaux brings you everything you love about Bordeaux without the hefty price tag.

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